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Healing energy of Tourmalined Quartz Crystal

I am honored you have chosen to work with me.. I offer you a friend to walk down the path of the Past with.  I can not do the work for you, but I can hold your hand and offer my aid for looking into the past for connections to the now.
Perhaps you have hidden deep inside yourself memories and pains of long ago.  You feel a sadness that you don't quite understand, a longing that seems just outside your reach.

My offer to aid you comes from the properties I bring within myself.  The Tourmaline included in my quartz crystal attracts density and releases it back into the Universe.  By placing me on your body you will experience a shifting of energy.. a buzzing, tugging energy perhaps.  Close your eyes and see what I am showing you.  Walk through the memories, allow understanding and healing to take place.
When you are ready and can bless these memories and thank them for the lessons they have brought you,  I will aid you in letting them go.. freeing you to experience joy and balance.

I am also able to bring an energy of pain reduction to areas that have long stored painful memories. 
You can  see the fractures within me.. these are what you call trauma I have experienced.. to me they are opportunity to grow wonderful prisms inside myself, reflecting light and beauty.

I bring you the message that you can count it all joy, count it all good.  Even those experiences which you deem painful have brought you experience and deepened understanding which can now be shifted into rainbows of light and Oneness.  By simply changing your perception of the past, seeing the gift in each situation, you change the energy and vibration of your memory, thus changing your energy and vibration.

I remind you to move away from judgment of good, bad, right, wrong, to see things as Being.  Nothing other than the energy that You Are is forever.  All physical form moves, transitions, changes.  Do not hold onto things, memories, experiences.  Be like a channel for these things to flow through and from.  Take the gifts of insight, understanding and let it become wisdom.

Walk with me to your healing den, let us embrace the process of transformation.

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