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Meditation with Stones and crystals

Meditation with Stones and Crystals

I am often asked what is meditation and how does one start meditation.  We all meditate to some degree naturally.  When you sit in silence, daydreaming, this is a form of meditation.  If you have ever listened to music to the point you were unaware of everything else, you have experienced meditation.

I often suggest that you allow yourself 2-4 minutes of quite time when you first begin to practice meditation.  Find a comfortable spot to sit or recline on your bed/ couch.  You will notice that once you determine to be still and quite your mind comes to life and thoughts run about at extreme speeds.  Don’t fight this.  Watch the thoughts.  As you notice yourself getting involved in the thoughts move your attention to the beat of your heart or the rhythm of your breathing.  Allow yourself to just relax a bit more.  If you feel stiffness adjust your body to be more comfortable.  Playing soft music in the background is helpful to some while it distracts others, try meditation with and without soft music and decide for yourself which works easiest for you.

After several short sessions of meditation you will begin to find that you can lengthen the time by a few minutes.  Begin to pay more attention to your breath.  Inhale deeply all the way down to fill the diaphragm.  When you exhale let all the air move from your body.  This will aid you in deeper relaxation and connection.  
After a few sessions of deeper breathing and feeling more relaxed begin to move your attention to your third eye.  Don’t force your attention there, just move your awareness there as you breathe and relax.  When you begin seeing a doorway, or alight, maybe even figures there; allow your attention to stay there.  Watch the scenes as they go by. 

You are now ready to add a stone or crystal to your meditation.  Choose one that is small enough for you to hold or place comfortably on your body.  I find that placement on the third eye and solar plexus works easily for most people.  Hold the stone/crystal in your hands and talk to it about what you are doing.  Tell it that you accept it’s teaching and message to you at this time.

Place the stone/crystal on your body or hold in your hand.  Follow the breathing and allow your attention to move to the area of the stone/crystal.  When placed on the third eye you can move your attention to that chakra and look into the stone/crystal.

When using a vision crystal for “seeing” hold the crystal in your hands in low light and allow the images within to form and your third eye to  “see” them and understand their meaning.

You might also enjoy dreaming with your stones and crystals.  Before going to sleep, speak your intention to the stone/crystal you wish to dream with.  Breathe your intention into the stone/crystal.  Place it under your pillow and when you awake take a few moments to hold it and retrieve your messages.

I have added several specific stone/crystal meditations on my site for your use.  They are on the left under this page.  Try working with all of them.  I would love to hear from you about your experiences.

Donna DeVane


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