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Spiritual Energy Coaching is not just motivational, it reaches deep down inside you to remind you of Who You Are.

 2010 is the year of Spiritual Awakening.. the energy of awareness.. of Who You Are.  This is your opportunity to catch hold of this energy, work with it to transform your whole life.

As a certified GIYAME healer , I have coached many to aid them in finding answers to their life questions. I offer services in touch with your needs and always total privacy.

What are you waiting for?  You know there is more, so much more to your experience here on this planet.  You've spent tons of money and thousands of hours on surface teachings about the law of attraction and your Soul is telling you there is so much more to you than this.

This is more than just coaching, affirmations, motivational talk.. it's about getting YOU in touch with the Energy That You Are.  I also offer distant healing by phone by appointment.  These sessions last one hour and will include cleansing, balancing and filling your chakras with energy.

When you are ready the teacher always appears.  Here is your teacher, this is your time.  You only have to decide to take action.

I am available for  coaching by appointment. 

 Once payment has arrived I will email you to set the appointment time 

For more information you may email me

The call is ONE hour.  If you would like more than an hour, I can make arrangements with you.


Life Coaching or healing session is $100.00