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Sharing Your World Vision

Sharing your Vision

Each of us has a vision of the world.  Our vision is based on our experiences, beliefs, dreams, and expectations. Often our view of the world is a result of beliefs adopted from childhood, repeated over and over in our experience.    If we were raised in a world of pain, chaos, fear and lack, we then continue to find ourselves in experiences that match our expectations. If you have created expectations of pain, sorrow, disappointment and grief, you most likely continue to experience situations that confirm your vision.

However, if your vision of the world is kindness, abundance and joy, you experience this expectation repeatedly.  Your view of life is confirmed daily by experiences. 
Now comes the choice you have for sharing your Vision.  We share our Vision each moment.  Every thought, word, act, is a giving forth of how we see and expect the world to be for us. 
We wear glasses of past experiences that we continue to see through until we exchange them for a new pair of glasses. 
Take for example a young girl, now 12. When she was 8 she experienced a horrifying experience of being hurt by adults.  Until this time she felt safe and protected.  Her life was joyful and she experienced trust.
Now she continues to relive the past experience and it begins to be her Vision of life.  Each day she reminds herself of the past hurt, feels the pain and anger over and over again.  She is well on her way to creating the standard for the rest of her life unless she changes Vision.

Most of us have experienced pain and disappointment at some point in our lives.  What we do with these experiences is what matters most.  Do we use these as blue prints for the rest of our lives or create a new plan for life experiences?  We sometimes wonder how do we heal from these experiences of the past.  One way is to write them down and be honest about how we felt during these experiences.  Be very honest with yourself as you write.  When you have emptied yourself of these experiences go outside and do a burning ceremony.  Honor the experiences for the lessons they brought you and what you learned from them.  Tell them Thank You and release them by burning the paper and allowing yourself to empty of them.
You might also like to tie them to a rock and throw them in the river.  The point is to allow them to leave your life.

When in days to come you find yourself thinking of these things again take a moment to be aware of them, thank them and release them.  Purposely replace these thoughts with your new vision.  Take time throughout the day to daydream or meditate on your new vision.  If you have an issue with fear in your life say often to yourself that you face life with courage and determination.  You are aware of your ability to walk your path in faith.

If abundance is what you desire for your life vision, see yourself prosperous.  Take time each day to list or say out loud all the blessings in your life.  There are so many things to be thankful for.  Take time to be grateful.
We are like magnets in the world.  Our thoughts and emotions create the very things we think about and put our energy and attention on.  If your Vision is not pleasant to you, then change your thoughts and your attention to that which you desire.  Don’t struggle with what is in your life.  Open your mind and heart to what you desire by thinking on it.  Each and every day change one little thing in your life.  These can be small changes like taking a different route to work, or rearranging a room in your home.  Start changing your life in small easy ways and you will quickly find that you desire change, you enjoy change and you work with change to create your life and your vision.
One of the best places for me to change my life vision is while driving.  You know how people love to pull out in front of you when you are driving 65 and you generally feel aggravated to downright angry about it?  Well my daughter and I have begun changing our vision by blessing these people.  We say out loud, “blessings and protection to you as you go on your journey”.  This not only aids the other people but it keeps us aware of what we desire our world vision to be. 
By being aware of your thoughts and the actions, which stem from them, you can change your vision one step at the time.

Donna DeVane