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Power To Change Your Life


Are you really ready to experience abundance? Have you spent years seeking wholeness, balance, happiness and prosperity?

Have you read hundreds of books, listened to hundreds of tapes and cds?

Do YOU think you are really READY NOW to change your life? Are you ready to be happy?

Are you ready to feel strong, healthy and blissful?

Ok, let’s start with some basics that you have read and heard many times before.

You are energy. Your thoughts are energy. Your feelings are energy.

However old you are right now is how long you have practiced the habits of thought, belief, expectations and creating that got you where you are now.

No denying this. You might not like it, it probably isn’t comfortable.

BUT it’s TRUE!

There is no one responsible for where you are in your life, who you are and how you, but YOU!

I am not going to sugar coat for you. You have spent years blaming your parents, friends, work, government, spouse, "them" for your life condition.

It’s got to stop.


Are you shocked by that statement? It’s got to stop>>>> NOW!


I’m sure you’ve heard of alcoholics and shop-aholics, there are groups for those conditions.

Your condition is negative-aholic.

There, it’s out there plain and simple.

You have spent years thinking thoughts that made you feel miserable.

You have thought and felt your way into depression, anger, hurt, sadness and maybe even paranoia.

(Paranoia is caused by spending years blaming others and thinking "They" are out to get you).


You began programing yourself as a baby in your specific vision and expectation of how life "always is". As a baby you began to make certain associations about your needs being met.

Perhaps you weren’t fed or changed quickly and only after a lot of crying were your needs seen about. You continued to see that this worked as you got older.

Ok, at this point you began really digging in your beliefs about people and the world.

If your life was filled with messages that you were not important, that your needs didn’t matter and that life was hard, you accepted these as fact.

You have spent years proving these facts over and over again to yourself. With each similar experience your beliefs became more deeply rooted.


Now you continue to think, feel and act the same way over and over again and wonder why your life feels like it’s stuck on a carnival ride.

Do you want proof of what I am saying? Ok, looking back over your life do you see how you keep experiencing the same kind of relationships over and over again.

Do you struggle each month over finances, paying things just in the nick of time.

Do you feel sick, weak, drained? Does your body ache and hurt?

How long has all this been going on?

The answer if probably most of your life!


How did I get this way?


Get your boxing gloves on and get ready for your panties to be in a wad over what I am about to tell you.

You got this way one thought, one belief, one feeling at a time.

Granted it took you many years to create your world.

Create it though, you did.

Our whole lives we are surrounded by people who create their worlds in this same way.

You probably had parents or grandparents who passed on the tradition of creating a crappy life on to you. They told you things like; money doesn’t grow on trees, life’s hard, no pain no gain, day dreaming will get you in the poor house, work hard, struggle, then death.

You can probably add many more examples of your own. The point is you were taught from childhood to think yourself sick, poor, unhappy, and disapointed with your lot in life.

Being an obedient child, you bought into the whole thing, kit and kaboodle.

You have spent years feeling bad and now you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.



If you’ve made it this far, then you just might be ready to change your life.

I promise that if you change your thinking it will change your feelings.

Change your feelings and change your life.

It’s simple. I didn’t say it was easy, I said it was simple.

It’s so simple that most people go through their whole lives never figuring it out.

You are one step ahead of the pack now. You are beginning to see the break of dawn in the darkness.


This is a big step for you. Many people realize they are miserable and find it too hard to change so they just keep being miserable and keep blaming others for their lives.

You might not be one of those people. You are still with me and I know this isn’t the easiest thing you’ve ever read, thought about or had told to you.

But it’s the TRUTH.

Somewhere deep inside you, you know it’s true. You can feel that stirring of butterflies in the pit of your stomach. You feel nervous and excited at the same time.

Wonderful. That’s how I want you to feel.

The process of changing your thought habits is a means of transforming yourself into who you really are. Before you came into that body you knew that life was magical and you could attract any and all experiences to yourself.

Due to a sprinkling of uncomfortable experiences early on you began to expect life to be uncomfortable and hard, thus it has been and will continue to be until YOU change.

To understand the power of habit have a little fun with me. Move your coffee pot to another area of the kitchen and see how many times you go automatically to the spot where you’ve had it for years.

Next time you get dressed change the leg you put into your pants first. Do this with your socks and shoes as well.

Move your furniture around and have fun as you have to think about where it is before you sit down.

Habits are the result of doing the same thing the same way over and over again until you don’t think about the choices anymore. You just do like you set your controls on auto-pilot.

When you begin changing your thoughts you find a new awareness in what’s going on inside your head and your emotions.



Now that I have your attention

You may not remember learning to walk or talk, but it was a challenge to you. You fell down and hurt your bottom many times before you found your center, your point of balance.

You stumbled and fumbled over words until little by little they came easier as you developed deeper understanding of how to say vowels, consonants and contractions.

It wasn’t easy, but you kept at it until you mastered these skills.



Walking, talking and the Law of Attraction

What has one got to do with the other you might be asking. Well, I’ll tell you.

Just as you practiced over and over to walk and talk, you practiced over and over to get to your present beliefs and expectations.

The difference is while learning to walk and talk was hard, you didn’t give up, cop out or just sit mute silently blaming others for your not being able to walk and communicate.

Wow.. you mean I did that with my life?

Yep.. you sure did. Now you have to own up to it and STOP!

Thoughts are just like any other habit. It took months and even years of practice to make them a core part of your life. It only makes sense that recreating your core/base life beliefs and expectations will take a little bit of time and practice.


How do I stop it?

Good question. Your first step has already been taken. You were ready to change so much that you started reading this book. This shows that you have cracked open the darkness a bit so that a sliver of light now shines through to show you the way.



Now that you are aware of how you got where you are we can begin to format your hard drive. I love computers and most of the time enjoy working on mine.

Now and again though, things get distorted and out of whack. I can waste my time installing new programs over the old ones praying it will work.

I’ve done that too. It didn’t help for long. Adding more to an already nonworking system just clutters it up more.

It’s the same with you. While you spent all those years reading and listening to how to change your life, you didn’t change anything. What you did was to keep piling more stuff on top of all the old stuff in your head. You didn’t clean out the old stuff first.

While there are many tools and methods to help you through this process, the most important tool is you.

You have to be willing to change, not just to change your life, but change you.

This is terrifying to a lot of people and I understand that. It was terrifying for me too. It too me a long time to get down to the nitty gritty of myself and do an overhaul of my beliefs and expectations.

We all get into a habit of thinking, believing and expecting based on past life experiences. The more you expect life to be a certain way, the more certain it will be that way.

It’s a cycle. To stop the cycle in it’s track you must be aware of your thoughts.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, it’s really not. It’s challenging to really start to listen to all that fussing and fighting going on in your head.

You’ve done it for so long that you might not even be aware of all that junk slugging it out while you aren’t looking.

It’s time to be aware.



Awareness is a state of mind, a willingness to be conscious.


Take a few moments right now to stop reading and sit still. Don’t try to think or stop thinking. Just be still and quite.



Give yourself at least 3 minutes to be quite.


Don’t cheat yourself. Take 3 minutes to sit still and quite.


Ok, now take a paper and pencil and off the top of your head write down random thoughts for 3 minutes.

Go Ahead write down your thoughts. What stuff is floating around begging for attention?


2 minutes more


1 more minute


What were your thoughts? Did you think about bills, work, cleaning house, children, spouse, people you are upset with?

The point of this exercise is to allow you to see that you are always thinking.

Unless you are really good at meditation, you are churning out thoughts so fast you aren’t even aware of most of them.

Most of these thoughts follow the path of least resistance.



What is the path of least resistance?

Just as you create a habit of bedtime, schedules for doing things, the way you get dressed in the morning, smoking, drinking, eating.. you have a habit of thoughts.


Be honest now, what do you think about most of the time? Do you have reruns of conversations, incidents going on and on in your head?

Most of our thoughts are repeats. Like TV shows, we just keep running that reel over and over again. We keep ourselves in a state of upset about things that happened months and even years ago.

What do you talk about the most?

Think about the last weeks of conversations. Were they about things that upset you? Did you rehash past events?

This is the path of least resistance.

Out of habit you keep your thinking on the same track as before.

Because your thinking is the same ole, same ole, your feelings are too.



Power of thoughts and feelings



Do a little experiment. Think of something for just a moment or two that made you feel angry, hurt or afraid.

Keep thinking.

Now how do you feel?

Think of something that made you smile or laugh. Think about a wonderful day when you felt on top of the world.


How do you feel?


This illustrates the power of thoughts. Your thoughts are directly linked to your emotions. You can go back in time and experience events just like they are happening now, just by thinking about them.

This also works with your future.. and that’s were the magic happens.

As long as you are stuck in the past with all those negative thoughts and feelings, you keep attracting the same type of events into your life.




Change your thinking and change your life.


Let me give you an example of the power of thoughts, feelings and energy.

Growing up my Granny was always talking about how bad she felt.

As we both got older I became more and more aware of what she said and how it felt.

When I was in my twenties I had a light bulb go off in my head when I realized that going to visit Granny wasn’t fun. I would be so happy and feeling wonderful when I first arrived. Within 30 minutes or so it was like a dark cloud hanging over my head.

One fine spring day I asked Granny if anything good ever happened to her?

She was shocked and asked me what I meant by that.

I told her that all she talked about was how bad and sad and horrible her life seemed to be. I didn’t understand how this was true as she was healthy, wealthy and had a wonderful home and beautiful gardens.

I told her that she complained about life all the time and that’s why people stopped visiting her.

After her initial shock she smiled and told me about her garden. We ended up spending a fun afternoon together.


I’m sure you’ve been around someone who is a dark cloud. Perhaps you have been that dark cloud yourself.

The fact is that our thoughts and feelings are tangible. They are real. Not only do they affect us, they affect other people and the world.

We notice the dark clouds that other people have around them. Now it’s time to notice your own dark cloud.


If you can feel the energy of others, then it’s easy to accept the fact that your thoughts have power.

They create feelings, your feelings are your passionate prayer for more of the same.

In order to change your life, you must change your thinking habits.

This is simple, not easy.

  • Be aware of what you are thinking most of the time.
  • Be honest about how you feel.
  • Choose thoughts that feel better.
  • Decide to feel good
  • Write your thoughts down with a slant for feeling good





Be responsible for your thought creations.


Now that you are aware of the power and energy of your thoughts you can change.

It’s simple and does get easier the more you practice.

The more you practice a different way of thinking the faster you will develop the habit of thinking thoughts that feel good.

Remember the experiement you did a while back choosing a thought that made you feel not so good and one that made you feel good?

This is how you change your life.

Each day start your morning before getting out of bed by taking a few moments to choose thoughts that feel good.

You can start with something simple. Be thankful for waking up in your wonderful body. The body is so taken for granted and yet so necessary for life as we know it.

The other day I became aware of the importance of my thumb. Not that’s a little thing, but so very necessary.

As I was getting a piece of cheesecake I looked at how my hand was carrying the saucer. My fingers were on the bottom and my thumb on top holding it securely. I stopped for just a moment and thought about how I would carry this saucer of cheesecake without my thumb. Wow.. How would I do a lot of things without it?

I thanked my thumb for being part of my hand and making my life easier.

Gratitude is a great place to start in changing your thinking.

The more grateful you are the more you feel good.

As you list all the things you are thankful for more things come to mind.

The more gratitude you feel the better you feel and the more things to feel good about are attracted to you.

Now this is a cycle you can live happily with.


Haven gotten this far you are experiencing more and more awareness of your thoughts and their energy. You might start feeling frustrated that things aren’t changing as fast as you would like them to.

That’s ok. Go ahead feel that, be honest about how you feel.

You didn’t build your life in a day.

It’s probably going to take more than a week or two to create a new one.

This is a good thing. It allows you time to think about what you really do want.

You will begin to notice that you feel better more of the time.

Wow, that’s great. You also find yourself shifting thought gears to ones that feel good. This is great too.

You are discovering your power to create your emotions.

Don’t give up. Remember walking and talking? You have to practice.

Practice practice practice. This is the process of change.

You already have an added perk, you feel better. Feeling good more of the time lets you know that you are on the right track.

When you notice that you are feeling anything other than good you become aware of it and can pick a better feeling thought.

Take some time to day dream. Really get into it. Put yourself in scenes that you want to experience. Feel it.

There is a magic in positive day dreaming. Choosing thoughts about what you want to experience opens the floodgates to these things.

By now you are spending more and more time feeling good.

Thinking good feeling thoughts is becoming a habit.




You Are The Magic


I hope by this point you are aware that you are healing. You are feeling more balanced and centered. You experience calmness, joy, determination. Laughter fills more of your day, you smile more.


That was simple wasn’t it? You made a lot of head way in healing yourself and your life.


You replaced thoughts that were holding you back, making you feel bad, with new good feeling thoughts.


These new thoughts opened your life up to good things.


Just keep doing this day in and day out and get ready to dance the dance of joy as your life fills up with good things.


As you have moved along you have loved yourself more. In the beginning you didn’t have this sense of well being and joy. You find it now over and over again.

You know how to shift thought gears. You know how to feel good.

All that’s left for you to do, is just to do it every day until it becomes who you are.



You can change, you’ve already proven that to yourself by reading this book and doing these little exercises.

You have already changed. You are not the same person your were when you read the first few lines. You have begun to see yourself and your world differently than you did a few days ago.


Keep it rolling


How do I keep it going? What if I have a relapse? You probably will have a few of these. You will still have days that aren’t as easy as you would like.


You will be tempted to go back to the old way of thinking and feeling. This is normal. It’s like being and alcoholic. It takes a while for the craving to leave you.


Here are some tips for staying focused.


Take it one day at a time, one thought, one emotion at a time.



Read this book over and over. Read it every day for a few months.


If you have a dark cloud person in your life, limit your time with this person for a while.

We are affected by the energy of others.

While changing your life, love yourself enough to look out for your well being.

As your energy level changes the people in your life are likely to change.

Be easy with yourself during this process.

Keep a journal of your positive feelings and thoughts. Only write down in present tense the good things you desire. Try stating it like this, I am so happy and grateful for ______________________________.

Go over your list of gratitudes several times a day. This keeps you focused on the good things in life.

Make yourself a vision poster. Cut out pictures of things you do want in your life. Put it where you see it often.

Write little positive sticky notes to yourself and place them in your bathroom, kitchen and at your computer.





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