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Create a New Experience

Think new thoughts, new reality.

I read recently that we have about 60,000 thoughts a day.. wow that’s exciting.  What’s more interesting to me is that 90% of them are old thoughts.  We seem to get stuck in thought habits where we rehash the same material over and over again.  With all this rethinking going on, it’s no wonder that most of us experience the same or very similar life experiences.

Our thoughts are alive, they are energy.  Our mind and body takes notice of and works to bring about those things we think about.  The longer we think a certain scenario the more likely we are to encounter it as an actual experience. Our thoughts are bouncing about all the time, even while we sleep.  Personally the sleeping thoughts are the most insightful for me.  As I awake I lay still and listen to the thoughts running through my head.  I am often surprised to find worry thoughts, anger thoughts, depressing thoughts there.  I know that I have to reclaim my mind and my thought life.

Change for most of us is something we resist.  However, only by changing our thoughts can we really find ourselves free from all the thoughts that keep us in limited experiences.  Take the example of the elephant who is trained from being held by a chain to a large tree to finally a small rope on a twig.  He believes himself trapped and doesn’t attempt to free himself.

How often are we as adults held by a tiny rope of thought we learned and accepted as children.  We adopted others opinions of ourselves and how life is supposed to work.  We find ourselves frustrated by our lives and wonder why.. why.. The why is found in our thought patterns. 

Spend a week or two being aware of your thoughts.  Stop now and again what you are doing and listen to the information running around your head.  Once you are aware of the type of thoughts you are having, make a conscious decision to change your thoughts. 

I have challenged myself to change my world by changing my thoughts.  I begin the day being aware of what I am thinking.  Once I locate an area of thought which is a rerun of the past I pay attention to rethinking that situation in my life.  For instance, if you are worried about a bill not yet paid, change your thinking to being thankful for the bills that you have paid.
Changing worries to blessings is a very empowering way of changing your reality by changing your thoughts.
If your toe hurts, change your thoughts to be thankful for the toe and for all of your body.  This type of thinking directs the body to create more to be thankful for.  This works by programming us to be aware of the blessings in our lives and being thankful.  Our mind begins to create in accordance with the thoughts we are having. 

If you are worried about money, change your thinking by being grateful for all the money that comes into your life.  Honor the money energy with thought and perhaps even a little ritual.  When I pay my bills online I always take the paper bill and write all over it.  PAID Yipiee Thank YOU, then tear it up and throw it away.  I thank the money for being in my life.  I thank the utilities for making my life comfortable.

Personally I have come to the place in my life where I don’t resist change so much, rather I welcome it.  I have come to realize that resisting change is resisting new experiences.  I have never been a person who enjoyed re runs on TV and don’t much care for them in my life either these days.  I have reached down and released myself from the tiny rope that kept me in the same place and have walked on down the road to see what I can see.  I take a new attitude and new thoughts with me to create a new experience.

My 5oth birthday brought about many changes in my thinking.  I began to realize how limited I was in my life.  I did the same things the same way I had done for years.  I opened my arms to new experiences and challenge myself daily to new thoughts and new experiences.  Will you take the new thought challenge with me?