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Why make a healing doll?

Welcome to the Women's Center for Wholeness, Healing and Prosperity. 

I think I was born on this path as I remember since childhood a desire to "heal the world".  I can remember going to bed at night and praying that all us humans would be nice and loving to each other.  I could see how wonderful this world and life experience would be if only each of us loved each other.  Well, as I grew older I began realize that we did indeed love others as we loved ourselves.  This was the problem, our love for self was cockeyed and messed up with lots of fear, anxiety and anger. 
I spent most of my teen and young adult years trying to "make my family understand and accept me, and force them to feel, believe and act in manners which would make me feel loved and accepted.  Of course it didn't work, it only drove a larger wedge between us. 
In my mid 30's  I divorced and set out to see the world and find out what I thought I had missed by marrying at 17 1/2. and being married for 20 years.  This was a major turn in the road for me.  I quickly realized that life was in fact what we make of it.  Choices always bring similar energy to themselves into our lives.
I had dealt with heartburn, indestion, insomnia and stress related dis-ease for many years.  I finally accepted that my thoughts were what kept me so stressed out.  I thought about things that brought with them feelings of anger, fear, hurt, dismay, aloneness; the whole gambet of don't feel good emotions.  I finally began to understand that I was the only one responsible for my feelings, my thoughts, my actions, my view of myself and my life.
I began to study in earnest the healing properites of stones, crystals and meditation.  As I worked with these elements I began to "hear" the stones and crystals messages to me during meditation.  One theme was constant.. I AM Perfect.  Just as each crystal is beautiful and a different expression due to it's experiences, so am I.  This was an awesome moment for me.
I soon after began work on the Selfheal Lessons and started teaching them online.  I was blown away at how many women felt so similar to me.  We cried , laughed and learned together.. finding healing and self acceptance.  These lessons are now available on cd, A Journey Back To Self. 
The next step in my life is to experience complete freedom, emotionally, spiritually and financially. 
When I got online in 95-96 I began sharing my creations as a means of inspiring others on their journey back to self.  I am now working on revisions for the self heal lessons which which lead into a new life experience of freedom and conscious creation of your life. 
I am also working on a way of turning the lessons into an ebook for download here on my site as well and creating a physical Women's Center for Wholeness, Healing and Prosperity.  Add your energy to mine as we create ourselves in perfection and joy.

As you work on your own doll, you might consider the Journey Back to Self, Selfheal lessons on CD.  These will enhance your journey of self exploration.

Basic Baby Doll Free Pattern, Instructions

This little doll is a very old technique which may be used with fabrics and even corn husks, leaves, etc.
It is a general method for which I give general instructions along with the photos so you can make your own little healing doll.  These also make great ornaments when done in fancy fabric.  Add a bought or crafted wings.. even a butterfly from the craft store.. a ribbon and you have a one of a kind healing doll ornament.

First decide which fabrics you will use for the doll and the body.  These can be any color or type of material that you choose.
I cut a 14  x 4 inch piece of fabric for the body.  I used eyelet.  Next cut a piece for the arms 9 inches long by 1 inch wide.

   Now take a small amount of fiberfill or other stuffing fabric and place in the middle of the body section.
Next you will use string to tie this tightly, or you have use a needle and thread to make sure it is secure.
  This forms your head.  Make sure it is tied tightly.
  Now fold your arms in half.  You may sew them if you wish but it isn't necessary.  Place them between the fabric close to the head..
Tie under the arms so they are secure.  Fold under a bit of the arm at the end and tie off for a hand. 
I show only one hand done here, but you do need to repeat the step with the other arm.
Next take one section of the lower fabric, tuck or sew the raw edges inside.  I just placed them in a fold.  Tie towards the bottom to form feet.
This is what you have at this point.  I left the ties in place to show where I tied the hands and feet.  Trim the string close and you have a doll.
Next we do some very basic clothing.  This may be done with any fabric you desire.. just make sure it will drape a bit, since we are not sewing.
For the dress I used a 10x4 inch piece of Christmas print.. use whatever you have on hand.  Old clothes are a wonderful source of fabric for dolls.  Since you are making a Healing Doll, you might want to use fabric that has special meaning to you and your situation.
Fold in half and cut a small slit as shown.  Don't make the slit too large.. you can squeeze the head through and if necessary cut a tad more at the time.  This can be sewn if you get it too large.. even a dab of glue will correct a too large hole..
Slip over dolls head as shown in picture.
I tied a small ribbon under the arms all way around the dress. Tie tightly so that the arms will stay in place.  You can arrange the dress so that the seams don't show or sew them down before slipping it on the doll.
If you want a little head covering cut a large triangle and tie as shown here.  You could also add yarn or doll hair, dried grass.. whatever you want for hair or a store bought hat.
I used my fingers to hold the triangle in place, but you could tack it with thread or add a dab of glue.
This is the back of the triangle, the back of the head.  I held it in place for these steps, but feel free to use glue or sew into place or get someone to help as you tie the long ends over the tip of the triangle to form a scarf.
Here is how it looks when tied into place.  If you tie tighly it will hold.. but feel free to tack or glue if you desire.
Here she is all dressed and ready for you to add jewelry, buttons, little pieces of odds and ends to make her yours.
I sewed a small piece of holiday trim to her hand, wrapping a bit of the hand over the stem.  You could use glue or even tie it with string.  Now comes the exciting part.. adding items that make her YOURS.  Let your imagination flow, add items that mean something to you.  You can use ink pens or colored pencils, even paint and add a face.  You could glue or sew a picture cut from  a magazine or even your picture for her face.
If you have children help them to create these and hang them to a tree with ribbon.
Have fun ..

Simple Easy Healing Dolls

I have been asked how does one go about making a Healing Doll.. so here are a few simple ways. Dolls can be made from the most simple to most complicated assortment of items and skills. We will start with something simple and easily found.
If you have a sock and something to stuff with.. stuffing can be bought in the craft deptmartment or you can use dryer sheets or lint even.
Stuff a small amount in the toe of your sock, tie this with a string. This makes your head. Use pin or markers to draw face.. or sew on buttons for features.
Add a bit more stuffing then carefully insert a pipe cleaner through the sock for arms. Now add more stuffing until you have finished the body. You can use pipe cleaners for the legs too. Sew them or glue them in place.

Sticks make wonderful dolls. Take a Healing Walk opening yourself to hear the Call of the Stick which is offering to be your doll. Use string, ripped fabric, yarn to wrap the doll. Features can be glued or painted on.

A nice rock can be painted with a doll.. Perfect for placing on desk.

I will be adding patterns and more instructions for dolls later.. so keep in touch.

Me and My Dolls

I thought I would get things started with showing me with one of my dolls.  This is one of the Making a Difference Dolls.  She is featured on a page of her own, yet I wanted to let you know how I came to create her.
I had a dream one night that awoke me it was so vivid.  Most of my dreams are real earth shakers and do wake me up at around 3:15.  This one was no different.
In the dream whenever I came to a point of wanting help to complete a task a voice would say to me; " That Which You most want, give Away!".
One of the things I most want is to share my joy and my love of creating.. dolls, jewelry, dreamcatchers.. my life.. my home.
So I began a new line which reminds me to give away those things that I most desire.
This Doll speaks of the Abundance which is all around us all the time.  We have only to open our heart and our minds to experience it.  She has spent the time since she was created in my office reminding me to give away my love, my time, my attention and my joy.  The miracle of it all is that the more I give away.. the more there is.
Use the link below to see other pictures of the doll and read her story.