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Kundalini Energy Sweep


I am the energy of the red garnet, hematite, and amethyst, working
together to clear all of your bodies that wholeness may be experienced within you. You, the light workers, have done much, accepted much, now is the time to move forward into further awareness. I combine the invigorating energy of the garnet, to bring understanding of your basic needs, emotions and past experiences into a place of now...I am the energy of the hematite, who will merge this understanding with you on all levels, sealing it within your place of knowing. I am the energy of the amethyst bringing clarity and awakening on all levels of your awareness.

I would ask that you find that inner place of silence and knowing, rest here and allow the cleansing energy of the Kundalini to begin by moving the density of debris lodged within your red energy center. As this energy is activated you may feel some tugging sensation, this is good, allow it to flow, knowing we are letting go of what no longer serves...This energy will move from one center to another, while continuing to rotate in the area before. When the energy begins to spin in your heart chakra, allow
the crown to open also, now the energy will be activated from within and without each center. The heart will open to allow a deeper understanding of universal love, the true power of pure creation. You will experience a larger perspective of knowing than ever before.

As you feel the energy rotate in one after the other energy centers, look within this area, ask if there is anything lodged here that you need to release.. If a memory comes to mind, own the memory, know it was your teacher, accept the teaching, thank it and allow it to move out of your energy field. Do this with each center, you will feel when the energy of the Kundalini pauses, waiting for you to look within...When the red and purple have met in your heart center, allow this energy to increase to the level it chooses, do not block the opening of this center. We are now releasing all old emotions, pains, disappointments and beliefs that have been revealed to you during this meditation. At the same time much love energy is being channeled that you may be further anchored within the acceptance of the Universal Love...

When the energy of the Kundalini has moved totally through the crown chakra, and you feel the centers themselves slowing down, consciously accept the energy level you now find within your understanding, know that you are cleansed and charged with new, deeper awareness..

 Continue to be aware of the heart chakra, do not close it, allow it to grow ,while being the channel of love, acceptance and understanding to others...

Vinque, channeled through Donna Devane


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