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Joy Quartz Crystal for Healing

Joy Crystal
I am the energy of pure joy. I have come into your awareness to remind you of the joy of childhood, of unconditional love and acceptance. I have come to take you to the child within, where you will find  joy, love and knowing. I have come to take you to a place of joy within yourself, where healing is easy and fun. My colors are the colors of the rainbow.

Come with me now and let me take you to the place of love, of knowing that love that as a child you were aware of. The love you felt from the universe around you. Remember when you were small and you could hear the giggle of the caterpillar, the words that the birds sang, and dance with the trees and the wind. When the moon was your flashlight and led you to many magical discoveries.

Let us go back now and see yourself as you were then, feel the joy of knowing that the universe and everything in it loved you. Remember the ecstasy of knowing that all had love and acceptance for you.  Find this place within you now. Where each moment was an adventure of learning and understanding the magic of life.  Feel the wonder of the wind, hear the call of the stones, animals, and the color of the universal wonders.

Finding this place within you, allow all that is not joy, peace and love to leave you.  Let it flow from you back into the Earth Mother, that healing may now be understood.  Let every memory of hurt, disapointment and injury leave you. Know that these things no longer have any power over you.

As these past emotions leave you,  allow the joy of love and acceptance to enter into your being. Let it fill every cell of your being with knowing that you are loved, perfect and accepted.  Experience the laughter and giggles of childhood returning  to you now and filling up your heart.

Soak up the energies of joy, love and acceptance that are coming into you now. Know that they are a part of your very being. This is the healing of memories, healing leads into great joy and forgiveness.

Now you will know that there is love for you in every creation, within the heart, within the  spark of oneness exists and there resides love for you in all. There is now total acceptance and love for all your brothers and sisters for you are aware of the love they have for you.

Joy Quartz Crystals are very powerful healing tools as they work to help you release the pain of the past and to claim the joy of the present.  They bring the magical energy of pure joy, acceptance of Universal Love and Oneness to those who meditate with them.

I find it very helpful to place the Joy Crystal on the solar plexus or heart chakra in meditation.  Allow the pure energy to wash through you and restore your Inner Joy.


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