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 Intuition and  Feng Shui

By our very nature we are Beings who crave balance, harmony and peace.  We can’t get past this desire as it is in our genes.  The Ancient Art of Feng Shui if very complicated and requires vast study and knowledge.
Intuitive Feng Shui works on the principle that each of us knows what “feels good” and bring a sense of harmony and balance in our life.
The first suggestion I have for bringing balance is to clear you home, your sacred space of clutter.  Take a 24 hour period and got through drawers, closets and work area gathering at least 50 items you do not use and discard them.  You may also donate them to charity if they are still useful to others.
Going through the kitchen “junk drawers” will reveal a treasure house of items stashed and forgotten.
Clothes that no longer fit, you are not comfortable wearing or just don’t like, plus shoes.. goodness how many shoes we gather and don’t wear.. these all can be released.

Do you have a bill drawer or box?  If so sort through and get rid of all paid bills or multiple bills.  This sets us an energy flow of bills being paid and in order.

Magazines and newspapers are another collection possibility.  These seem to gather into greater and greater piles as we are interested in reading, crafting etc. but haven’t found the time.
Go through and toss all old newspapers without reading them.  It’s old news and will most likely be repeated anyway.
For craft and decorating magazines pull out the pages you are interested in and add them to a folder which is placed inside a drawer.  Be sure to mark what’s in it so it will not be lost.

Next enter the bathroom and begin opening cabinets and drawers.  Through out all outdated medicines.  Medicines change chemical components when out of date and can actually cause stress within the body.
All partial shampoo, conditioner, face creams, toothpaste with just one squeeze left in the tube.
Sort through hair clips and bands, discard those that have lost their luster and don’t please you any longer.

Next take the child area of your home.  Excessive clutter can stiffle creativity and clutter the reasoning making study difficult for students.
Look under the bed, remove anything there.  Place toys and collections neatly on shelves or in boxes marked and stored in closet.
I know in my 10 year old’s room I always find broken, lost or strayed toys that are not played with.  These we discard.  At least twice a year we go through and gather toys that are good, but not enjoyed and donate them to charity.  This gives my daughter a good feeling of sharing and helps keep our home open and the energy flowing.

Unless a child really wants a mirror in his/her room, don’t have one in there.  Let the bed area be as open and free of clutter as possible.  Room for favorite stuffed animals withstanding.

Plants throughout the home add positive energy and beauty to your sacred space.  Many will grow in low light allowing almost anyone to enjoy the beauty of growing plants.  If there is room in your kitchen consider an open  shelf in a window, perhaps with growing light for herbs.  Herbs help to cleanse the air, provide aroma and taste to food.
Candles, incense burners and crystals are beautiful and create wonderful energy in the home.
Try combining all in one grouping for intense beauty and balance.  We are now listing crystals, flower pot Feng Shui wraps and incense burners in our store.  Simply placing these in one area and burning a single candle will change the vibration of your room.
We all love collectables, try grouping them rather than placing them all over the home.  Find a theme and add all your pieces to that grouping.  For instance, I love Fairey Folk, so I took an old trunk, a hand embroidered tablecloth, some candles and a drawing and grouped them all on the trunk top.  It is so awesome and creates magic in my living  room.

To invite positive energies into your home and life, create a space that feels positive, supporting and enhances your creativity and sense of well-being.
This doesn’t take lots of money, just a bit of thought and intuitive placement.
Go outside your home and gaze toward your front door.  How does it FEEL?
What could you change that will soften or make it more inviting?
Enter the home from each door.  What is your impression of the entrance?  Is it crowded, saying not welcome?  Or is it open, comforting, exciting?

Our homes are our sanctuary, create it that way.  Place items you love.. not just like, but really love throughout it.  Continue to move things around until it feels the way you want it to.

When you are ready to work with Feng Shui cures, visit our auction and store.  We are always creating new Cures to enhance and beautify your home.

If I can be of any help, feel free to email me.

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Feng Shui Cures

Each cure is handcrafted using my knowledge of the property of stones, crystals and color to enhance harmony and balance. Each piece comes with a card explaining use.
Stones and crystals are also wonderful for bringing positive energy into your home.  Each meditation page has stones and crystals offered for sale which go with the meditation, I also have a page for stones and crystals without the meditations.
If I can be of help, feel free to email me.

Feng Shui Intuition Cures