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Creature of Habit or Consciousness

Creature of habit or consciousness

I would like to invite you to an experiment of self-discovery and empowerment.  This experiment came about when I moved my coffeepot from one counter top to another a few weeks ago.  I had a grand time cleaning and rearranging my kitchen and made a great discovery as well.
I noticed that for over a week I had to really be aware of going after a cup of coffee in order to go directly to the coffee pot in it’s new location.  By habit I had the thought of coffee and headed straight to where the pot used to be, not where it is now.  After laughing at myself several times I got to thinking about it in relationship to the “bigger picture” of my life.

How often do we continue with behaviors, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs out of pure habit?  I think more often than we realize.  We know that our thoughts, beliefs and actions continue a cycle of creation in our lives.  What we think engages our emotions, which engage our creative abilities.  We continue this cycle drawing to ourselves what we think, feel, expect and most often our creations are out of line with what we say we desire.

If you find yourself in a cycle of situations, relationships, experiences which are not in line with what you truly desire, then I challenge you to this experiment.  Move something in your home.  Move the couch or your favorite chair to another wall.  Turn your bed around, move your toothbrush to another hole in the holder.  Now notice how often you go to the original place rather than where you moved it to.

In order to change our lives, we must change our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and actions.  This little experiment will help make you more aware of how much a creature of habit you are.  Now for the fun part; changing to consciousness.

When we begin to actively choose to create and pay attention to our thoughts, we become very aware of how many of these thoughts are out of line with what we really desire.  For me to say I want more money while thinking how broke I always am, continues the creation of being broke.  However, when I begin to be aware of my thoughts I realize how many are out of line.  At this point I don’t want to resist thoughts or fight against them as this only creates a battle within myself.  Rather, I begin to consciously choose my thoughts.  When I pay attention to myself I will be aware of when my thoughts are once again returning to habit and can then decide to think something different.

Being aware of the thoughts leads to an awareness of the energy or feeling of these thoughts.  These feelings, this energy reaches out and invites more of the same into my life.  Most of us do this over and over again and complain at what is in our life.  This is the exciting part; you have a choice of what you think, how you feel and what you experience in your life creation.  Choosing your thoughts puts you in line with what you desire.  When I surround my life with pleasant, loving, happy thoughts my message to the Universe is “more of the same please”.  The more you practice being a creature of consciousness, the less you will experience being a creature of habit. 

Right now, make a decision to think something that makes you smile.  Hold onto this thought, keep it alive within you.  When you become aware of other thoughts, shift gears back over to the happy thought.  You will notice almost at once a great change in your life.

July, 06, 2006