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Law of Attraction & Feeling Good

For me feeling good is my number one priority.  I build my life around feeling good.  I pick friends, music, tv shows, interactions with people, places and things all based on feeling good.

Our feelings are wonderful indicators of what we are creating and attracting in our lives.  Most of us desire more money, newer cars, homes, etc.. and don't realize that our thoughts are creating the opposite of what we say we want.  I read something that really changed my life a while back, "we don't get what we want, we get what we expect".  By looking at this statement in relationship to your thoughts you can quickly discover what you are creating and attracting in your life. 

By changing your thought habits, you can change what you experience and enjoy a more positive flow of energy on a daily basis. 

Being grateful for all the wonderful people and things in our lives is a perfect place to start in attracting more to be grateful for.  Take time each morning to go over the many things in your life you feel grateful for.  These can range from waking up this morning to a place to live, friends, family, computer and internet to read this page, all the way to being grateful for the beauty which surrounds you and building up to being grateful for the prosperity and abundance in other people's lives.

As you practice gratitude attitude you will notice that you feel better.  Each time you are tempted to worry or complain, you reach for something you are grateful for instead.  Changing your thinking habits opens you up to the Universe, inviting much more to be thankful for.

Work with the Law of Attraction to create what you expect, by changing what you think.. and Feeling Good.

Check back here often for more information on feeling Good.


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