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Intend on Experiencing The Blessings of Life.

Last night as I lay in my bed pondering my day and my dreams that I was soon to have, I asked for Guidance.
The moon, huge and bright was shining in through my windows.  I don't have curtains so the glow was quite bright.  The thought came to me that I was seeing the moonlight due to having the windows uncovered my eyes open and awareness of the moonlight. The moonlight was there for all to see, although those with window curtains drawn and eyes closed didn't experience the wonderful light of the Moon last night. 

I equate this to my relationship with Universe, Great Spirit, GOD/GODDESS; the love, creation energy, power, abundance is there. like the air I breathe, the light of the sun and moon.  I place myself in relationship with these properties in order to experience them.

Many times in my life I have asked the Universe where is prosperity, joy, friends, abundance.  I have ranted and raved, wept and argued with Source over this question. I realize now that in those times when I didn’t find myself in relationship to these things that I had pulled the curtains on the moonlight. 

When I don’t have food in my hand I don’t fear that there will be no more food.  I accept that food is all around me. I know that if my food store gets low in the house I have only to make a trip to the grocer and fill my cabinets again.

My trip to the grocer is successful due to my intent to go and fill my cart with food.  I don’t get waylaid on the trip.  I follow my intention and one step, one item in the cart at a time, gather what is needed and bring the food home.

There is nowhere I can go where Source isn’t.  There is no place where love and abundance does not exist.  I can place myself physically and mentally in emotions of lack, but it isn’t reality.  It is only illusion and like smoke lasts only as long as there is fuel for it.  Once I accept that opening myself to Source, lining my intentions with All That Is; the smoke clears and I once again experience the joy and hope of life.

When I feel out of touch with Creation, a few moments of lining myself up with Energy helps me to find that balance and clarity.  I intend to experience Love, Hope, prosperity, friendship, and joy. and by placing myself in the room with it, so to speak, I do.

Donna DeVane
September, 21, 2005