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Just Being Me Gypsy Doll


Just Being Me In each of us there lives a wise and magical Gypsy woman. Here I celebrate that energy through a doll creation. Just Being Me, Gypsy Woman relishes the dangles, the long dark hair, the jewelry and mystery of Gypsy Woman. Touch me and feel the power within your soul begin to stir.. as you connect with the magic and feminine energy held within for so many years. I will help you to reach that place of Woman Power.. just Being who you are and celebrating this energy. You will begin to feel the Dance stir within you.. as the tingle of bells and dangles begins to stir a long forgotten tune within your soul. You will see that place, knotted and tangled where you have stored the Wild aspects of your spirit.. now crying out for release in Dance. Put on some music and let the dance and joy.. the intuition and celebration begin. I will guide you to acceptance of this aspect of yourself.. and together we will relish with great joy the Dance of Just Being Me, Gypsy Woman. I created this doll to celebrate that Wild Side in each woman. I have always been intrigued the Gypsy Spirit.. the magic of Tarot and dance. She is a cloth doll.. with a very detailed body.. she even has breasts and buttocks.. LOL Her face is sculpted as are her toes. She is barefoot and stands on a wooden base. Copper wires in her legs hold her into place. She is decked out in her own jewelry, necklace, coins on dress and beads on dress and tie. A little red bird, one of my favorites, sits on her thumb. Cardinals represent courage.. and works well with the intention of this doll to inspire you to have the courage to Be Yourself. She is 24 inches tall and stands on a 9 inch wooden base. She is signed, dated and numbered. I will even include her story with shipping.

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