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Message from Amethyst


 I am the energy of clearing, of understanding those things which often are in your way and prevent forward movement. I come to clear out the past, to heal with understanding of the lessons. I am the energy of who you are ,that which connects you to the divine. I am clarity, purpose, and direction. My energy will help to bridge the connection between you and ALL THAT IS. I bring understanding down from the higher realms and hasten it within you that you may "know" this in your inner self.. In this way these truths become yours, you see that your path is one of a higher
vibration, you know that as you clear the density of the past, you are now free to move forward into the energy of this higher truth...I help you to see where the karma is, that you may heal these areas with love and acceptance, and then to show you how to walk in this higher vibration that no more will you learn from karma...

 Karma occurs because you do not accept the teachings of the present, then they visit you again in another circumstance.. I help to open you to inner vision and understanding that you may see and know what each moment in your life is now teaching you. Lessons are not required, accpetance of what is being shown you now, in this moment will bring you to the place of understanding.

 Once understanding is a part of your inner knowing system, you
then can move from one situation to another with peace and joy, taking the truth of the teaching with you, in love.

When you sleep I am with you to open your spiritual understanding and to help clear the debris of the emotions of the day. I will bring to your attention the energy of others that you have taken
as your own, so that you may allow these to return to the sender of these energies...I am your companion to keep your energies and bodies free of the input of others. I will calm you and hold you gently while you come to know what peace is. Know that I bring the message of spiritual clarity, of protection ,of calm, which you need in order to hear what you are recieving.

 Allow my energies to enter into your field that
we may together balance that which was before, bringing all your aspects into harmony with your true purpose. I will take you into the realm of bliss, where you may rest in your oneness with ALL. This will help you to further accept the reality of ONENESS, reprogramming your body to accept that peace and joy are to be desired. I will help you to open to the energy of healing and wholeness for which you were created, moving this knowing from the area of logical understanding into the realm of heart-acceptance, where it may spread healing and wholeness to every cell within your being. Once my energy has found a home within your heart you then will be able to share my message with others in love, truth, and higher vibration. Together we will serve the ALL in reminding each creation of the divinity within.....

channeled through Donna Devane
Nov.18, 98

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