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Stone of Ascension Amethyst and Hematite

I am the stone of Ascension.. self understanding, balance and harmony within self .. and All..
I am the coming together of Amethyst and Hematite for grounding of your spiritual quest and self knowledge.  I bring you the message of mastery, realization and expression of creative reality.
Within you, as within me are many realms of color, understanding and combination of experiences.  You reach toward the heavens, yet must walk with your feet upon this planet..
Let Amethyst open you to realms of spiritual awareness and divine remembrances.. while Hematite keeps your feet  upon your earth path and life journey.

My purple aspects open the spiritual center allowing you to See Yourself as You Really Are. Breathe in deeply of my power to open your inner vision.  Allow the energy of peace, serenity and Oneness to remind you that this is Who You Are.
Feel the deep red energy of hematite flow from your root chakra to the Earth Mother bringing the knowing of belonging here right now in this place.  Allow your passion for life to flow fully filling each cell with the energy of creative energy to bring forth into physical form that which you place your attention on.
Many humans find living life a challenge of "spirituality" and "reality".  I am the stone that shows you the way of balance.. of inner and outer harmony.  Live your life as you were created to experience it.. with magic, depth and great joy.
You don't yet understand that you create, each breath, thought, action.. creates.  I will help you with this awareness that you might master your talents and understand your creative powers and gifts.
I will help you to understand that you are Spirit.  You are Energy, Creative Power.  All that you are, even the physical body is energy, there is only energy,  Energy Is, you are this IS.
I invite you to take a journey with me into the highest of the heavens and the darkest of the Void.. here is Understanding.


Amatite Fan