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We took our first breath and thus began our journey down the path of self awareness.  We have forged through many challenges and heart aches, often times holding on to these wounds as though they were treasures to be kept forever.  Now we find a yearning within us for healing, wholeness, balance and joy. 
As I began my self heal journey I opted to share my travels with others who wished to journey to wholeness.  The self heal lessons are the result of that trip... still ongoing and more joyful each day.
Recently I have had several ask for classes so have decided to teach them online again.
If you are ready to begin to walk your path with self awareness and intention of wholeness, email me and we will work together to forge the bridge to self awareness.
The online classes cover 22 lessons, best done one a week. 
You will receive access to each  lesson  with full email and chat room support. 

Phone calls will also be included.  You will get 3 hours of phone calls per week.  You can split them up into several if you like.
This one on one counseling includes phone calls made by me at an appointed time, private chats and emails.  You will receive a copy of the Selfheal cd by mail when you pay in full, or as a pdf download.
You will also have access to the lessons online.  You may work at your own speed, however, I do suggest you take your time and really apply each lesson.

Email me  for more  information.
Or to sign up now,
Pay in full $1000.00

I also offer this course with 4 hours of coaching each week and payment plan. If you would like more information on this option, click here

A Journey Back To Self

Selfheal Lessons on CD or WorkBook

These lessons help you establish a better life and understanding of purpose.  Balance physical and auric energies for harmony and health.

Taught for several years online.. they are now available for your home use. 

Online Support offered.

Weekly lessons for self discovery.

Change your life from the inside out.  You have the power, find out how to use it to heal yourself of dis-ease, poverty, sadness, depression and feelings of rejection.

This class has helped many others to find their path to wholeness, joy and well being.

Take the first step now.. to living the life of YOUR dreams.

Heal physical and emotional pain.

Find your Life Path and direction.

You will learn how to balance chakra energies, work with meditations, stones and crystals for balance and healing.

CD opens in Adobe Reader so that you can print out the lessons one at a time.  Work them on your computer or in a seperate journal.  Ebook is a pdf download, which opens in Adobe Reader as well.

Each is signed and copyrighted.


Purchase A Journey Back To Self

If you would like to order the cd click here 49.99   I offer support with both versions. 
Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Get the Ebook here  49.99
Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!



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