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She Who Stirs My Passion Spirit Totem Doll


She Who Stirs My Passion Handcrafted Spirit Totem Doll created to bring Passion and Power into your life. I was inspired to create her when a friend who's life had become filled with lots of hard lessons was feeling down, unmotivated and at odds with himself. She inspires energy, power and determination to find your Path.. to walk it and to be creative with the enjoyment of it. Not intended as a doll.. She is a Spiritual Aid offering insight, help for change and understanding to those willing to work with her energy. I create very few of these Spirit Dolls, only as I am inspired or asked to create them. She is signed and dated on bottom and comes with certificate of Authenticity. Passion and Power for LIFE Her body is pecan from limbs gathered in my yard after an offering was placed for the tree. The tree donated these pieces. Her draping is rich gold leather and her shawl is red leather heavily decorated with red and white glass crow beads along with brass beads. Metal cones and red, yellow and white feathers further accent. Her head is a bovine (cow) spine bone painted and decorated black, red, white and yellow. Sunstones are her eyes.. providing a rich energy of the Sun energy.. opening the yellow chakra and charging you with direction, power and understanding. Her head dress is made up of red, yellow and white feathers. She has a walking stick, carved of pecan wood, wrapped with a Copper Snake with a terminated quartz crystal at the tip. The wand is seperate from the doll and may be used to focus your energy. By pointing the wand at your body.. you can open, clear and energize each chakra and maintain a healthier flow of energy. Do Not point at others in play.... use only with permission. She comes with a Medicine bag.. filled with herbs and stones for empowerment.. and passion. Also has armadillo bones and shell for protection and strength. Shells for ease and cleansing. To work with her energy.. focus on her during meditation.. allow her messages to flow through your heart, mind and body. You will notice a tingling inside... as her powers stir and motivate your passion for life, joy and creativity. She measures 22 inches high, 10 inches wide. Each item is designed and handcrafted by LyonZPath and not duplicated. Your creation is a true one of a kind. Comes with certificate of authenticity. Signed and dated by Artist.

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