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Grandmother Lunar Goddess OOAK ARt Doll


GrandMother Lunar Goddess Grandmother Lunar Goddess OOAK ARt Doll I am the essence of intuition.. of knowledge and inner wisdom... I bring you the Teaching of the Ancient Ones.. those Ancesters who have walked before you.. offering their wisdom.. to you on your path. My body is red ... color of power.. blood.. life force.. energy.. I am wrapped with purple feathers.. opening the crown chakra.. seat of spirituality and wisdom.. My face is clay.. copper leaf.. embedded with Lapis Gemstones.. Psychic stones.. On my lower chakras.. is a moon..embedded with Tiger eye and Fluorite.. to open your inner eyes.. On my upper chakras.. a cab of Fluorite.. to cleanse, energize and heal.. bringing balance to the whole body.. I carry a dreamcatcher.. red and blue.. combining these colors gives you purple.. the color of wisdom.. hanging in the center.. a moonstone point.. goddess energy of psychic energy.. insight.. healing and flow of energy. I measures 11 inches.. am signed and dated by Artist.. come with certificate of creation.. authenticity.

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