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Abundance For All Relations Art Doll


Making a Difference Spirit Doll Blessings, I am honored to meet you. I am called Mother Of Blessings.. and wish to share with you the message of Abundance. There is nothing needed which needs to be created, for ALL already exists.. it awaits your grateful heart and open arms to move into your space. Many times this sacred space is filled with fear of lack, poverty and woe. I bring you the message of love, abundance and plenty of All Relations. I ask you to enter into the magical realm of "Making a Difference" with me, by giving what you most want, you attract that which you desire. Know that ALL exists.. nothing lacks, only your belief in lack hinders you. I wish to take you into a journey of "Knowing".. and experiencing Abundance and prosperity. My body is pecan wood.. a tree that produces fruit plentiful for All Relations.. it speaks of the provision already in place by Creator. My clothes are leather.. offered by your Bovine brothers and sisters.. as they offer themselves for food and clothing. Honor them, give thanks for their gifts. My fan is Turkey feather.. the Give a Way bird.. he offers himself as food and decoration, knowing that life is eternal and he lives on in the gift of life offered to you and the feathers you wear to celebrate life. Green aventurine stones decorate my fan.. a stone of prosperity and abundance. I carry a Dream catcher with crystal and beaded spider. Remember that you weave your life one thread, one decision at a time.. and just like Grandmother Spider you are always free to snip the threads and weave again. My medicine bag is leather, ready for you to place a favorite stone or desire inside. My necklace is beaded corn.. representing abundance of food and a steady supply. My shawl is woven with beads throughout.. each bead holds a prayer to Great Spirit, acknowledging the many gifts of life.. gratefulness for all Blessings. It is further decorated with wood beads, stone rings and other beautiful items. My face is clay with gemstones, glass beads and feathers. The dark feathers are Emu, a bird which makes a powerful drumming sound to keep you in touch with the Earth Mother. I invite you to join me and Make a Difference in our world.. offer up a thankful heart, a shared life.. gifts of kindness..and together, we create a beautiful world.

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