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Goddess of Ilussion & Masks OOAK Art Doll


Goddess of Illusion & Masks I am Spirit Woman, The Goddess of Both Sides of Self.. My energy is to walk with you down the path of self enlightenment and understanding. There are aspects of you which you keep hidden behind your wardrobe of masks. These are what we will look at and gain understanding of. My face is double, black on one side, white on the other. These are your faces, aspects of hidden selves. My colors are black and white, the void and All That Is. My feather are dotted, black and white.. go through each one and visit yourself. I bring with me a genuine onyx gemstone heart.. to show you the way to your own heart and self love, acceptance and honor. On my hand is a cobalt beaded dragonfly.. the teacher of Illusion and Dreams. He is your Totem Spirit Helper for this part of your dream.. your journey inward to understanding. I also contain herbs and Genuine Saphires... to aid you during dreamtime. I grace your alter with energy to look deep within the void and come out whole and powerful. Measures 12 inches. Made to be placed on alter, but I can include a way to hang her if you desire. Comes with card telling her story, signed and dated by Artist

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