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Mardi Gras FAiry Clay Folk Art Dolls


Hi there! Magical Fairy Blessings to you! WE are the Magical Mardi Gras FAiry Folk.. we went to the Flower and Butterfly people for help in getting dressed up for Mardi Gras Celebreation.. we are colored with all the beauty of spring time.. renewal and growth. The Butterfly People were so excited about our idea that they three of them chose to be our wings so we could fly throughout the magical forest and spread the joy of spring and celebration with all. Our home is the magical STone and Crystal Forest.. hidden from the eyes of all who do not believe. For those who allow the inner child to come out to play, you will see us. We sit on the crystals and stones and infuse their healing energy into the world by flittering our wings. The magic flys up high above the forest and fills the world with magic and celebration. WE look forward to living in your home and bring our house, stones and crystals with us. WE are clay and measure 3 1/2 inches. Everything shown is included WE come with a card telling our story and signed dated by artist.

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