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Welcome to Earth Mother Selfheal

On these pages you will find meditations, stone and crystal uses and spiritual insights to inspire and aid you on your path.

Most of my creations encourage you to Be Still a few moments each day and hear, really hear Your Voice.. this leads to understanding of self.. realization of dreams, hopes and Life Vision.

 Once you have learned to enjoy your own company and care for your own needs you are ready to offer something to the family.  As a mother I realized early on that I was only as good to my children as I was emotionally and spiritually good to myself.


I have been a certified GIYAME healer for many  years.  GIYAME stands for  "God Goddess In You And Me", based on the premise that we are divine and created perfect.  It offers opportunity to cooperate with Universal Energy flowing through us. The Stones and Crystals  Remind us, Awaken us; to our own perfection; our Divinity. GIYAME is a shamanistic form of healing incorporating light energy, intention, rattles, drums etc. in the healing ritual.

NEWS!!!! I am currently working on a healing course that guides you through the understanding of how to heal yourself using stones and crystals. Be sure to check back often to find out more about how YOU can take this course. 

The Meditations on these pages use stones and crystals for their metaphysical properties of healing, balance and intuition.  By sitting or resting with a Stone or Crystal you will benefit from the energy of the stone as well as allowing your Inner Voice to be heard.


I create Healing Art Dolls, Feng Shui, Dream Catchers, Spirit Totem Dolls, jewelry. These items come from places I have walked and worked through in my life and have been inspired to create and offer to others.

I enjoy playing with beads, rocks, leather and feathers.. you will find links on these pages to, those items which I have joyfully created. I am wonderfully blessed to be able to work from home doing what I really enjoy and share it with others.

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 Since I began online in 95 this website has grown and grown.  Thank you so much for your support

Read and enjoy these pages at you leisure.  

Since this website has gotten so large, filled with so much information, I have decided to create websites for each subject.


I will continue to host this site as all this information is very vital.

I will be offering my own store here as well. 


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I have created a new website to feature my new Ebook digital downloads.  I would be honored to have you visit.


I offer ebooks on the subject of working with the law of attraction to manifest the life of your dreams.

Find information here on , Life Coaching and Free Law of Attraction Ebooks for download.

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You will also find ebooks on self healing.

This website features books and information on healing and living and Empowered Life. 

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A Journey Back To Self


Now available in print.


   A Journey Back to Self: Selfheal lessons for Growth, insight and inspiration.

These lessons are a way of creating a better life and understanding of your life purpose.

Balance Physical and Auric energies for harmony and health.  Discover the Divine Inner Child and enjoy energy and happiness.

By following the lesson plan you will discover the inner meaning of many of the habits and behaviors of your present day life experience.  These lessons offer you a way back to yourself.. your desires, your well-being and free you to celebrate the joy of living.

You will work through your belief system.. understanding what you believe.. why you believe and if it is time to let these beliefs go to be replaced with Knowings.

This series of lessons take you through a journey of your Whole Life.. from past to present day.. opening the door for personal understanding and empowerment.

Changing your life begins NOW>>> with small changes which open doors to opportunity, success and abundance. Connect with the Shamanistic Healer with in YOU>

Learn what beliefs hold you back, limit your joy and enjoy releasing them.  Transform your life and empower yourself to live your dreams.

Click here for information on these life changing healing lessons.